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Limited Edition British Collection
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Limited Edition British Collection

British Cartridge Collection containing a range of RTO (roll turn over) collectors British shotgun cartridges by Eley/ Kynoch etc. inc 8g, 10g, 12g, 16g, 20g, 28g, 410 & 9mm Garden gun in brass & paper and a large selection of British brass cartridges inc. 600NE, 577 NE, 577/450 Martini Henry, 577 Snider, 505 Gibbs, 500 Jeffery, 500 NE, 50-0/465, 476, 470, 450 carbine, 425,404, 318, 350 Rigby, 318 NE, 455 Webbley, 450 Revolver, 300/295, 297/250 Rook, 297/230 Morris. Housed in a 64mm Antique style frame, with green baize background and containing primer tin and label and over shot cards. Size :- 710 x 550 (glass size)

Rounds may variey from those mentioned.

Only available in very limited numbers and no two are the same (different shotgun cartridges)
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