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M4 Assult Rifle
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Antiqued English Pewter 1/6 mounted replica of the M4 Assaul;t Rifle and .5.56 NATO round (deactivated) with a short information panal.
On black baize, with green mount and housed in a walnut coloured frame.

size (glass) 222mm x 206mm

Also available :- Matchlock Musket, Barrett M82A1, 303 Lee Enfield, M16/ AR15, MP38, Flintlock Musket, M1 Carbine, PPsh-41, Thompson M1928, AK47, Mosin-Nagant, Carcano 7.35, BAR, UMP40, Sten Mk2, Sten Mk5, Martini Henry, Bren Gun, Degtyaryov DPM, Garand, K98, ZB vz 26, M4 Assault Rifle, MP18

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