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Pewter 1/6 miniature military rifle on solid light Oak wooden plinth some with round/ ammunition used in that rifle and small write up of the rifle on a brass coloured plate.

Please note that the Barrett, Bren Gun, Degtyaryov DPM, ZB vz 26, BAR, SVD, TAC50, Mk13, M14, Lewis, Vickers, Browning,  DO NOT have a round with the pewter gun
Plinth size Barrett, Bren Gun, Degtyaryov DPM, ZB vz 26 , BAR, SVD, TAC 50, Mk13, L96, M14 & Lewis :-228mm x 102mm
Mk5 Sten, Sten Mk2, MP18, PPSh41, Thompson Sub, MP5, Beretta 38 :- 102mm x 76mm
Vickers and Browning Machine Gun :- 160mm x 160mm
All others :- 228mm x 76mm
miniatures currently available :- Matchlock Musket, Barrett M82A1, 303 Lee Enfield, M16/ AR15, MP38, Flintlock Musket, M1 Carbine, PPsh-41, Thompson M1928, AK47, Mosin-Nagant, Carcano 7.35, BAR, UMP40, Sten Mk2, Sten Mk5, Martini Henry, Bren Gun, Degtyaryov (DPM), M1 Garand, German K98, ZB vz 26, M4 Assault Rifle, MP18, German MP41, Italian Beretta Modello 38, H&K G36, Vickers Machine Gun, Percussion Musket, , H&K MP5, L96 Sniper Rifle, M14 Sniper Rifle, Russian SVD Sniper Rifle, Berthier Artillery Carbine, 1907-15 Berthier (Lebel) Rifle, Accuracy International Mk13 Sniper Rifle, TAC-50 Sniper Rifle, Lewis Machine Gun, Winchester 1873 Underlever Rifle, Arisaka Model 38, Browning Machine gun, L1A1 SLR, Steyr AUG & L85A1 Assault Rifle, L42A1 Sniper Rifle, Sharps "Buffalo" Rifle, M1 Carbine Sniper Rifle, Shapes Rifle, Springfield "Trapdoor" Rifle, Springfield M1903 , New FN FAL